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Tutom Parenting.com is a platform for parents to seek information, be inspired and replenish energy when the battery is depleated.

I am convinced that all parents love their children and want them all the best but parenting is neither easy nor painless. We need both breathing space and support to be able to be the best parent we can be.

My perspective is holistic, I work with both the parent(s) and the child(ren) and their relationship, communication, wellbeing and behavior.

The idea of being perfect as a parent is absurd. The best parents a child can have is parents who take responsibility for their mistakes when they see them.

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My name’s Malin and I have a burning interest in parenthood and it’s challenges…

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Thoughts from previous clients

A lot of good, smart and easy tips on how to think as a parent in everyday but still hard situations! This course gave me great tools in the work of getting a prosperous and functioning family. Thank you!


Great to be able to choose whenever you want and can listen to the lectures! A smart and easy way to do it over the net. A highly competent and knowledgeable lecturer who makes it easy to understand the content and the opportunity to discuss with others.


I’m so glad I chose to participate in the theme group. With instructive lectures, thoughtful themes and tips as well as helpful tools to apply in my parenthood, I feel I’ve got what I expected and a little bit more of the group.


This is a beautiful, fully comprehensive course that is everything you need for parenting through the years. Such positive advice for positive happy parenting that really explains the psychology and workings of your child’s mind and shows how to guide your child with respectful parenting. I learned so much and would highly recommend Malin to anyone.


I really love that you teach from the inside-out. Something that I have never brought into my parenting. I have been more aware of my feelings, been parenting from the inside-out and focusing on my children’s self-esteem, and in just a short time I feel much better about my parenting and I see a difference in my kids as well.


Malin has the ability to explain overwhelming mom moments in a way that leaves me feeling confident that I know how to handle my emotions and reactions. The difference it makes for myself and my children is astounding.


What I love about this program is that Malin doesn’t just tell you what kind of parent to be – she tells you what your child needs and why they are doing what they do. She makes it easy to step back and see what’s going on for your child. It’s also great that she provides thoughts about handling stress and communication between parents because handling these in a healthy way goes hand in hand with raising kids that are happy and balanced.


I contacted Malin because the amount of mental and emotional energy it took for me to swing between feeling confident as a mother and feeling utterly lost was taking a toll on me. Ten minutes into our first session I had tears. Her presence and wisdom comforted me and confirmed that I turned to the right professional.

She’s offered me teaching and tools that help me see I can parent in a way that feels so good to me.

Malin is literally leading the way on showing parents how we can leave old-school parenting in the past and bring conscious, kind, and respectful parenting to the next generation.

If you doubt yourself as a parent or find that it’s affecting your career or marriage, reach out to her. You will be so glad you did!


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I hope You know…

.. that you are the most important person in your child’s life. That you and your child are unique as well as your relationship. That you are invaluable and loved. In parenthood there are no rights or wrongs, no simple solutions or universal methods. Sometimes parenting can feel tough, a next to impossible task. You’ve probably wondered if you’re doing the right thing, questioned yourself, wondering how you’re doing as a parent. You are not alone…

Together we brainstorm together, support each other and develop better relationships with our children.

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