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    Behavioral scientist • Parent coach • Mom

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Welcome to Tutom Parenting!

Tutom Parenting is the place to go to educate yourself in parenting through online parenting courses, classes, workshops, and other resources.

Many have the misconception that the only parents taking a parenting course is if they’ve failed in their parenting or their children misbehave. They couldn’t be more wrong.

All education on Tutom Parenting is for every parent wanting to learn more about how to parent gently, respectfully and understand their children’s behavior. In other words, they suit all parents indifferent of previous experiences as long as they want to raise their children with mutual respect as the main principle.

All courses, classes and workshops are online, completely anonymous, based on science of family psychology, very affordable and taken at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.

The idea of being perfect as a parent is absurd. The best parents a child can have is parents who take responsibility for their mistakes when they see them.

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My name’s Malin and I have a burning interest in parenthood and it’s challenges…

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Online Parenting Courses & Resources