My name is Malin, born and raised in Sweden but are living as a digital nomad with my husband and two children since 2017. So yes, one of my biggest interests are traveling, cultures and people.

I started studying psychology to understand myself better, why I was the person I was, to and come to terms with my past. During my studies, I was pregnant with my first son, and as he grew in my belly, my focus shifted from the past to the future. My goal became, like every parent, to be the best parent I could possibly be and I had a wealth of information from my studies. I was astounded by the wealth of knowledge and studies there was about parenting, families and what was needed to create happy, giving and thriving relationships. But I also realized that this knowledge didn’t reach all the parents that wanted or needed it. Therefore my parenting journey and goal become to help others get to know this wealth of knowledge just as I once did and help other parents in their parenting journey.

As I’ve grown as a parent, I’ve seen spots that cannot be filled with parenting knowledge and so my journey of deep diving into what is needed continued and expanded into care for the parent, instead of only the relationship. Because no relationship will thrive as long as one person’s needs aren’t met. So I became a Life Coach and now work on a more holistic view of both the family members individually and their relationships.

My goal isn’t to be perfect as a parent but to feel good, be happy, grow as a human and enjoying the moment with the people around me even if it sometime will be just the opposite and downright chaotic just as life should be, at least with kids.

I hope you, too want to join my parenting journey. You can find me in most places, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I’ll see you around!

The best thing you can do for your child is to love it as it is. 

  • Becoming a mom 2014

    Getting the most important role I’ll ever experience, becoming a mother to my first son sparking my interest in parenthood.

  • Becoming a mother again 2015

    Becoming a mother to my second son making our family complete.

  • Becoming a behavioral scientist 2016

    Earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and becoming a behavioral scientist with my focus on family and parenting psychology.

  • Graduate as a seminar leader and family coach 2016

    Graduated from the reputed nordic institute of Family Lab inspired by the internationally known family therapeut and author Jesper Juul.

  • Becoming a certified life coach 2017

    Becoming a certified life coach through the multi expertised strategic life coach Kain Ramsay’s programs.