sad mom

Admitting that your average level of happiness has declined

Having children can be wonderful in so many ways. But just as many ways it can be downright awful in other ways.

Life isn’t black and white, good or bad. Having kids means taking a decade long rollercoaster. You’ll go up to the top and touch the skies, but you’ll also be down at the bottom waiting to get back up.

When having no kids, you had responsibility for no one but yourself. Life is on your terms. With kids, you’re the last one to be cared for. That’s a game changer.

Now, the key to keep your happiness is to:

  1. Have realistic expectations.
  2. Do not bury yourself in family life! You won’t be a better mom/dad because you never leave home or the kids. Get out and enjoy your passions outside of the family.
  3. Don’t be afraid to talk about how you feel. There are always people ready to listen, support and help (if you feel you don’t have that kind of people around you now, keep looking!).

Whatever you do, don’t accept feeling crap and believe that’s life with kids.