Being disappointed in your child

As I wrote about in a previous post, disappointment is a result of unmet expectations, realistic or unrealistic.

Parent’s that are disappointed had envisioned their children to be or act in certain ways. A parent may have expected the child to share the same interest in sports, cars, fashion or perhaps have a certain intelligence, health, belief, temperament or sexuality.

The struggle of disappointment is real and often evoke feelings of shame and guilt. My tips are the same as for being disappointed in the child’s gender.

To tackle your disappointment:

  1. Acknowledge the feelings you have, don’t judge or value them, just acknowledge them. Their neither good or bad, just feelings.
  2. Try to pinpoint what you feel disappointed about.
  3. Give yourself time to mourn and grief the dream that didn’t become reality.
  4. Ponder about the possibilities you’ll have with your child and focus on having fun together.