Not enjoying motherhood/fatherhood

Don’t you enjoy parenthood? You are definitely not alone!

Parenting can be a lot of fun but that doesn’t make it less challenging, exhausting and downright hellish at times.

We often picture ourselves making a perfect childhood for our children, cozy snuggles under the blanket, playing together and having fun but not fulfilling those expectations often make us feel even worse. The higher the expectations the more disappointed you’ll be.

Social media doesn’t help either. In fact, most of the things people post are positive things showing a one-sided version of their lives. Only seeing the highlights of others lives make us feel even worse since we compare with our own lives.

To start enjoying parenthood:

  1. Lower your expectations and embrace the good and the bad. That is life with children, for everyone!
  2. Realize social media isn’t the whole truth, don’t compare your life with others because you have no idea what they don’t show.
  3. Make sure you have a life outside of the family to pursue your passions and recharge your energy. You don’t stop being you, just because you became a parent!
  4. If you feel you have no control or don’t know where to start enjoying parenthood, don’t hesitate to seek help. You have no idea how common this is!