Parent Coaching Packages

In the parent coaching, I work with you to boost your family’s strengths and support you to develop in areas you’ve got potential to grow in. We start off by assessing your current situation and what you’re goals are.

We develop a plan to address the challenges or worries you are facing, and with knowledge, support, and tools, we test what works best suits you and your family to find that calmer, easier, happier parenting.

There are no specifications necessary to get access to my coaching. Whether you are a first-time parent and want to know how to best bond with your baby, you’re divorced with a new family and try to figure out how to make this work, you have a toddler with constant temper tantrums or school-age children you no longer feel connected to.

Wherever you are in your parenting journey, we all need support, someone to talk to, and get a different perspective. Parenting is tough, but when you find your way, it’s also the most amazing, marvelous, and enjoyable thing you’ll ever experience.

Parent coaching is a way of continue to grow in an area you value highly.

Single Session

In my Single Session Package, we spend one hour together talking about one or a few problems you’re facing. Perhaps you want a second opinion or, or maybe you’re worried about an upcoming event such as the “terrible twos” or how to handle divorce the best way. Perhaps you want to know what to think about in order to be a more gentle parent or want to help set up goals for your parenting. Together we’ll cover what you want to start making a difference to you and your child(ren).

  • Single session
  • 1 session á 60 minutes
  • Suits one or a few specific problems
  • Price: $99

Five Session Package

For my five-session package, we talk at length across five one hour sessions. These sessions are effective since we can go more in-depth, try different ideas and solutions, and evaluate how they went the next session. Perhaps your child’s behavior is challenging, and you feel lost, unable to think of new ideas or approaches, so our sessions can present new, more in-depth approaches for trial. You decide how you want to dispense the sessions, intensely or spread out.

  • 5 session package
  • 5 session á 60 minutes
  • Suits several specific problems or dilemmas
  • Price: $415

The Golden Package

The Golden Package is a program with twelve one hour sessions available to us. This program is loosely structured, where we’ll assess and cover a range of areas in your life such as your core values and beliefs, your well-being and needs, communication in the family, parental leadership, how to set boundaries, stress and so on. You’ll get educated in all areas, but we will dive deeper into what you want more knowledge and support in.

My Golden Package aims to leave you feeling fulfilled as a parent by exploring, learning, and understanding everything there is to know about yours and your child’s behavior. You’ll also get lifetime access to the Gentle Parenting Course and the Emotional Intelligence Course, which are great resources available for you whenever you would want or need it in the future.

This package gives, without a doubt, the most value. To know more specifically what you’ll learn in this package and what you’ll get out of it, schedule a free meeting with me below.

  • The Golden package
  • 12 session á 60 minutes
  • Lifetime access to The Gentle Parenting Course.& The Emotional Intelligence Course
  • For parents who want to dive deep and learn all they can about their own and their children’s behavior
  • Price: $989

All new clients get a free 30 minute session. Coaching is much about chemistry, that is why I always offer a free session first with no strings attached. After that, you decide if you want to continue.

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