Parenting Philosophies

There are many parenting philosophies and methods. Some are complete opposites, and some overlap or seem entirely the same. I’ve listed seven approaches I use to support parents to gain healthier families and with well-being, confident children now and as adults.

A parenting philosophy is simply a psychological construct representing strategies or principles that we as parents can use to better, or enhance our child-rearing. Each philosophy contains its own guiding principles that focus on key elements such as compassion, communication, empathy, equality, and respect. The approaches I listed are approaches and principles backed by science, and what I’ve experienced enhanced the lives of the families I work with.

Different Approaches To Parenting

I like to view approaches as a tool of navigation to the parent you wish to be picking the principles that suit you and your family best. You may find that you identify with the principles of one approach over another, but still, find a core idea beneficial from a completely different approach. There is no limit to the number of approaches to be inspired by or any rules you need to follow. View approaches as a buffet to pick from and not something that needs to be followed without fault. The idea is to explore and be mindful of how different parenting approaches can achieve better, healthier outcomes in your family.

While these philosophies may seem overwhelming or challenging to adapt to at first, I assure you that any parent, from any background with a will to develop and grow as a parent, can embrace and use the principles that align with them.

The 7 Parenting Philosophies

1. Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting encourages physical touch and responsiveness to develop a healthy, secure attachment for small children.

2. Holistic Parenting

Holistic Parenting is a type of parenting emphasizing the balance between work, family life, alone time and needs we may have to feel good and how imbalances may affect us and our parenting.

3. Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting advocates the awareness of our own needs and wellbeing for us to be great parents.

4. Intentional Parenting

Intentional Parenting is a practical approach that offers more structure to set goals of how to seize the moments of parenting to make the most out of it.

5. Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting is a philosophy teaching us to become mindful, calm, and grounded in our reactions to challenging situations.

6. Peaceful Parenting

Peaceful Parenting focuses on refusing non-punitive punishments and relies on healthy, clear communication.

7. Respectful Parenting

Respectful Parenting encourages us to treat our children with respect and accept and love them as they are unconditionally.

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