Holistic Parenting

Holistic Parenting is a parenting philosophy that empathizes and take into account everything in our lives that affect us, not just viewing parenting itself as an isolated part of our lives. My approach is always holistic, and every new family I support is unique with its own set of members, relationships, strengths, and difficulties. Holistic Parenting and holistic practice begin with an understanding and respect for how we all are connected and how we positively and negatively impact one another. In particular, Holistic Parenting favors non-violent communication, a holistic view of life, and prioritizing health, which together nurtures and strengthens children’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Holistic Parenting Techniques

The techniques of Holistic Parenting are grounded in healthy, happy, and peaceful living.

  • Promote wholeness – Holistic living values health and happiness to nurture the body, mind, and spirit. Parenting often has more to do with the parent than the child. Well-being for the parent is often the first step in becoming the parent we strive to be. Eating healthy, exercise, learning stress reduction practices, and non-violent communication are ways to reach a grounded sense of balance for the entire family.
  • Balance between work and family – It’s known that stress and negative emotions experienced at work spills over in the family life and vice versa. The holistic approach aims to bridge the gap between the two worlds and find ways to balance the work and family with clear communication, stress management, and creating quality time instead of quantity time in the family.
  • Adopt a helicopter perspective – In the holistic approach, we aim to raise awareness about ourselves and our family members as well as the world around us and how we all affect and are affected by each other. When aware of this, we’re better at finding the cause of troubling behaviors, events, and emotions and can make well-informed decisions to handle it.
  • Teach, nurture and respect – Practice, promote, and pass on the values of empathy, love, and compassion to our children. Holistic parenting similarly aligns with principles of attachment parenting, conscious parenting, and other non-punitive parenting approaches.
  • Identify, respond to and understand emotions – Each child has a unique behavioral pattern, learning traits, temperaments, and talents and, each one of these characteristics and habits comes with a wealth of emotions. Spend time with your child to identify their inborn nature, dreams, ambitions, worries, and talents, and use this time to teach them how to express, rather than suppress their emotions. Encourage good habits, and discourage bad by teaching the importance of self-awareness and triggers, and healthy communicative and responsive patterns to negative emotions.
  • Learning good communication – In the approach of holistic parenting, we acknowledge life is more complex and multidimensional with different things going on in various areas in life, and emotions attached to what’s happening. To avoid misunderstandings and ease understanding of each other and what’s happening in each other lives, we need clear communication skills.

The Benefits Of Holistic Parenting

The benefits of holistic parenting are a harmonious balance between body, mind, and spirit, a better understanding of our family, how we work together, and to be truly happy and content with what we have. The holistic approach makes us conscious of the world around us, teaching our children how to be more self-aware and mindful of their own decisions – whether good or bad, as each path they choose has either a positive or negative impact on their lives or others around them.

This way of thinking and living promotes curiosity and awareness about important topics such as nutrition, well-being, and balance that are key to living a happy life. It also gives a greater understanding and a better ability to pinpoint problematic situations and unhappiness and find solutions to it.

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