Parenting style quiz

What parenting style do you use?

Parenting styles refer to standard strategies that parents use to raise their children.

The psychologists Diana Baumrind and later Eleanor Maccoby & John Martin made similar parenting style categories depending on how parents behave, demand, and respond towards their children.

The four categories they describe is

  • Authoritarian parenting style
  • Permissive parenting style
  • Uninvolved parenting style
  • Authoritative parenting style

It has been shown in studies that different parenting styles and the strategies used by parents affect their children in different ways and can both help and topple children’s development, well-being, and happiness.

This quiz can be used as an indication of the parenting style you use.

Take the parenting style quiz and see what parenting style you use and how it affects your children!

What parenting style do you use?

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