E-book 30 days to become a happier parent

Do you feel life with children aren’t fun and enjoyable?

Do you find yourself dreaming of a life without children or think of happier times before you had children?

Do you feel life is all about children, cleaning, cooking, working and nothing else?

Do you wonder how life would be like being truly happy, enjoying your children and your life?

Children need adult role models that take themselves and their well-being seriously. How else will children learn to do the same?

Make a change for the better

Parenting should be fun! So why do parents so often seek help with their children’s problematic behavior? What many parents fail to see is the importance of their own wellbeing in order to sustain a healthy parenting and wellbeing in the family. There is a clear scientific correlation between parents’ wellbeing and children’s wellbeing and behavior!

In this book, you will be challenged once a day for one month. You can view it as an eye-opening month of trial and error where you broaden your perspectives while learning new methods that give you energy and make you enjoy parenthood.

Some of the challenges consist of practical tasks, while others are more of a mental exercise to go deeper into what changes you need for a happier life.

Decide happiness to be part of your life and parenting

No parent is the best parent they can be unless they’re happy.

Don’t wait to become the parent and person you want to be, get this book to be a happier parent today!

Wish I had this book when my son was a baby!

Such a great, helpful little book! The exercises start out easy and then you dive deeper and get more into the psychology of emotions. Malin knows her stuff, not just as a parent, but as an all around life coach. The parts about setting goals and creating action items are especially helpful. The book isn’t just about parenting, it’s about YOU, the whole person, and how it’s essential to be a whole person and have a full life, in order to be the best parent you can. I know I’ll be going through these 30 day exercises not just once, but coming back to them often as needed, because they were a great reset and refresh for this busy mom!


This Book Could Not Have Arrived At A Better Time!

This book is helping me in bit size nuggets really become a better person and mother. I appreciate Malin’s approach and philosophy on life and parenting. If you are like me and desire direction and support in the greatest role of your life, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book!


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