The gentle parenting course

Are you often frustrated and lose your temper with your children?

Have you promised yourself to not do your parents mistake, to be a calm and respectful but struggle with keeping your patience?

Are you tired of your children not listening to you, meltdowns and not following what you say?

Don’t you truly enjoy being a parent?

Are you tired of, what it feels like, constant bickering, and conflicts in the family?

Do you feel guilty and not good enough as a mom?

Are you longing for rest but when having some you can’t find peace?

Breaking free from your legacy

One of the most common problems I see in the clients I work with is breaking free from the legacy from their parents who not seldom have been more or less authoritarian parents. Many parents I meet strive to be the parents they wished they had with respect, acceptance and understanding. The problem many face is they wish to be gentle respectful parents but without any tools for it since they only were shown the authoritarian way of parenting style.

This creates frustration, anger, resentment and dreading certain situations you know will mean power struggles since you don’t know how to handle them. This has a major impact on the overall life. Parenting feels demanding, exhausting and heavy. It’s easy to doubt yourself, to feel guilty and not good enough as a mom. And it’s hard to feel truly happy, and really enjoy the relationships in the family.

Relearning gentle & respectful parenting

We’re good at giving children what they need physically but don’t understand what they need psychologically.

We’ve learned to parent by experiencing our parents raising us. If that is not how you want to bring up your own child you need to learn it in another way. We’re just as old as parents as our oldest child.

This course is based on psychological studies of what children and parent need in order to thrive together, experiences from my own life and from clients I’ve helped.

It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult.

Frederick Douglass

Many others have already taken the course with great success

This is a beautiful, fully comprehensive course that is everything you need for parenting through the years. Such positive advice for positive happy parenting that really explains the psychology and workings of your child’s mind and shows how to guide your child with respectful parenting. I learned so much and would highly recommend Malin to anyone.

Claire Rua

I really love that you teach from the inside-out. Something that I have never brought into my parenting. I have been more aware of my feelings, been parenting from the inside-out and focusing on my children’s self-esteem, and in just a short time I feel much better about my parenting and I see a difference in my kids as well.

Joan Corpuz Dizon

Malin has the ability to explain overwhelming mom moments in a way that leaves me feeling confident that I know how to handle my emotions and reactions. The difference it makes for myself and my children is astounding.

Monique Alvarez

What I love about this program is that Malin doesn’t just tell you what kind of parent to be – she tells you what your child needs and why they are doing what they do. She makes it easy to step back and see what’s going on for your child. It’s also great that she provides thoughts about handling stress and communication between parents because handling these in a healthy way goes hand in hand with raising kids that are happy and balanced.

Kerri Gray Miller

The course content

  • 17 videos (4 hours video)
  • 23 downloadable and printable workbooks and materials
  • Lifetime access

What you’ll learn

  • Understand why your children behave as they do. Even the really strange behaviors that make no sense at all.
  • Know how to identify problem behaviors and handle it gentle, respectful and mindfully.
  • Know how to say no clearly and set boundaries in a respectful way.
  • Developing your own gentle, respectful parental leadership.
  • Go from being frustrated, easily irritated and exploding to get control over patience and reactions.
  • Understand conflicts and how to make them constructive instead of destructive.
  • How to teach children to take responsibility for themselves and their behavior.
  • And much, much more…

What you’ll get

  • A happier, calmer family life.
  • Wellbeing, happy children.
  • Children who cooperates.
  • Children who takes responsibility for themselves and their own behavior.
  • Satisfaction and in peace with your parenting.
  • No more worries, no more guilt.
  • A lot less conflicts and misunderstanding in the family.

Money back guarantee

Did nothing change for the better in your family life after the parenting course?

Don’t worry, you have a 30-day money back guarantee! No questions asked!

If you could have the family life you wanted…What would it be worth to you?