Happy, mindful parenting 6 weeks 1;1 package

Are you at a loss of what to do with your child’s behavior?

Have you tried it all to make your child do as you say but you just feel frustrated, angry, disappointed and sad that you don’t succeed?

Are you worried how your child will be like in the future or behave with other children?

Do you feel alone in parenting, like you’re not being the best mom/dad you can be, confused and insecure about all the advice given and others opinions?

Do your gut feeling and vision of how your family life would look like not correspond with reality?

Tutoring is a way of continue to grow in an area you value highly.

Parenting is hard work

Perhaps you feel alone in your parenting, insecure, frustrated, angry on the verge to explode while doing your best to keep it all in, be patient, be calm. Just as you picture how the perfect mom/dad are supposed to behave. You read books and articles on how to do it and it all sounds good but it doesn’t seem to work for you. You’re stressed, not really happy and can’t enjoy life fully. It seems impossible to meet all ends and you don’t know what to prioritize because you want to do it all so you fill the role of a good mom/dad. When you don’t, you feel bad and like you’re not good enough and you worry. A lot.

So what can you do about it?

This package is the perfect solution to explore, uncover and identify what is causing you to feel the way you do. With an understanding of the root of the problem, we start building a better, healthier and happier foundation to stand on as a person and as a parent.

The package is individualized to your needs and wants and cover your beliefs about yourself that affect your parenting, mindsets in parenting, how to be a respectful parent while respecting yourself so that you can enjoy the relationships in your family and having the tools to change negative patterns and misbehavior around.

I contacted Malin because the amount of mental and emotional energy it took for me to swing between feeling confident as a mother and feeling utterly lost was taking a toll on me. Ten minutes into our first session I had tears. Her presence and wisdom comforted me and confirmed that I turned to the right professional.

She’s offered me teaching and tools that help me see I can parent in a way that feels so good to me.

Malin is literally leading the way on showing parents how we can leave old-school parenting in the past and bring conscious, kind, and respectful parenting to the next generation.

If you doubt yourself as a parent or find that it’s affecting your career or marriage, reach out to her. You will be so glad you did!


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