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Parenting course

Do you feel insecure going between being calm and respectful to angry and exploding on your children?

Have you promised yourself to not do your parents mistake, to be a calm and respectful parent but struggle with keeping your patience?

Don’t you know how to say no in a respectful way and how to set healthy boundaries?

Are you tired of your children not listening to you, meltdowns and not following what you say?

Don’t you truly enjoy being a parent but feel tired of the bickering, the conflicts in the family and feel a need to rest but can’t enjoy it when you do?

Are you wondering how you’re doing as a parent feeling guilty and not good enough?

It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult.

Frederick Douglass

Your family relationships affect your whole life

One of the most common problems I see in the clients I work with is breaking free from the legacy from their parents pending between being permissive and authoritarian. In other words, pending between being giving and accepting but insecure about how to handle meltdowns, saying no, setting boundaries and dealing with misbehavior to dictators demanding their children to do certain things which result in a lot of conflicts and refusal to cooperate. This means a lot of frustration, anger, resentment and dreading certain situations you know will mean power struggles. This has a major impact on the overall life. You don’t feel happy, you don’t enjoy your relationships with your children. The relationships to your spouse suffer because of the constant nagging feeling of not being enough, of not being happy, of being stressed out.

When not feeling happy and satisfied with yourselves and your closest relationships you turn your focus inward and become less sensitive and open to your children and wish to be alone and they become more of a burden than a joy and blessing. You wonder why you can’t do this, everybody else seems to make it. What are you doing wrong?

The family is supposed to give you energy, not take it away. It also affects other areas of your life. You go to work not feeling satisfied and not completely focused or you try to forget the pain at home by working even more. It affects your overall wellbeing and life quality.

So how can you turn it around?

We’re good at giving children what they need physically but to give them what they need psychologically we need knowledge and experience and that doesn’t come naturally when we become parents. We’ve learned to parent by experiencing our parents parented us. If that is not how you want to bring up your own child you need to learn it in another way.

We’re just as old as parents as our oldest child.

That’s why I’ve put together this comprehensive parenting course that ranges from the newborn baby to the teenage years and also covers your wellbeing, stress and mental obstacles from your own childhood. It’s based on psychological studies of what children and parent need in order to thrive together, experience from my own life and from clients.

This is a beautiful, fully comprehensive course that is everything you need for parenting through the years. Such positive advice for positive happy parenting that really explains the psychology and workings of your child’s mind and shows how to guide your child with respectful parenting. I learned so much and would highly recommend Malin to anyone.

Claire Rua

I really love that you teach from the inside-out. Something that I have never brought into my parenting. I have been more aware of my feelings, been parenting from the inside-out and focusing on my children’s self-esteem, and in just a short time I feel much better about my parenting and I see a difference in my kids as well.

Joan Corpuz Dizon

Malin has the ability to explain overwhelming mom moments in a way that leaves me feeling confident that I know how to handle my emotions and reactions. The difference it makes for myself and my children is astounding.

Monique Alvarez

What I love about this program is that Malin doesn’t just tell you what kind of parent to be – she tells you what your child needs and why they are doing what they do. She makes it easy to step back and see what’s going on for your child. It’s also great that she provides thoughts about handling stress and communication between parents because handling these in a healthy way goes hand in hand with raising kids that are happy and balanced.

Kerri Gray Miller

Parenting is a full-time job

That’s why you can access the parenting course whenever, whereever and however you want it.

The course layout

The course is divided into six parts where the first three is about our children, what they need and parenting knowledge ranging from the newborn baby to teenagers.

  • First years
  • Preschool years
  • School years

The last three sections focus on you, your wellbeing, happiness, stress in your life and a relationship with a partner in order to enjoy parenthood and to sustain the parenting you want to have.

  • The relationship between parents
  • Stress
  • Parent but human

First years


Having a child is like a lottery, you don’t know what you get which means parents aren’t faced with the same challenges in their parenting but how do we handle children with different temperaments?


Developing a secure attachment is the first thing a baby does when coming into this world. Here you get the tools and knowledge to understand how attachment works and how to get a secure attachment.

Preschool years

Parenting Leadership

Parental leadership is significant. In families where it’s missing or is dysfunctional the children’s development is inhibited. Learn the four pillars to be the respectful leader you can be.

The family system

“No man is an island” said John Donne and his right. In a family, we affect each other but we are also affected by our environment. Find out how to, in a structured way, figure out how to pinpoint the missing link in an everyday life that isn’t working.

Being a role model & having the right mindset

You are your child’s biggest role model, be the best you can be and avoid the common mistakes.

Setting boundaries & saying no

This is where you learn how to set healthy boundaries and say no without feeling guilty.

School years


Ever wondered what a healthy self-esteem is and how it affects you I can tell you that it’s a big part of you and how you live. Here’s how you’ll learn how to help your children develop their self-esteem (and yours as well!)


Do you want to motivate your children? You’re not alone, here’s the psychology behind motivation and how you avoid common mistakes that actually undermine children’s motivation.

Friends & school

What is important in children’s lives in school and how does the new balance of conformity and individuality work?


You want to have a good relationship with your teenager, having meaningful conversations and not just the short answers and uninterest as a response, this is how you go about it.

The relationship between parents

Growing together

Nurturing the relationship with children is a challenge and how do you go bout the mental load in the home?

Communication & conflicts

With less time and more stress in your lives, communication can become a challenge until it grows to the elephant in the room. With the tools in this section, you can avoid misunderstandings and make conflicts constructive.


What is stress?

Sleep deprivation, screams, loud noises, and deprivation of different needs is used in torture. In everyday life, it’s called parenting. This is how stress affects you as a parent.

Managing stress

Of course, we need a way to manage stress that also works for parents. These are my favorites for a stressed out day.

Parent but human


“You become as the people hang out with” is a Swedish saying that says it all. If you’re depressed, feeling down, sad, angry – how do you think your children feel?

Mental control

Would you like to not lash out at your kids as often, be so frustrated, annoyed and angry, not feeling like you’re not good enough? This is the section for you.

Continue to grow

You don’t just want to be the best parent you can be, you also want to be happy, enjoying parenthood, feel you have the life you want. Here you get the tools to make up a plan to get there.

What do I get?

  • 17 videos (4 hours video)
  • 23 downloadable and printable workbooks and materials
  • Lifetime access to invaluable knowledge about parenting, relationships, and wellbeing

What difference does it make in my life?

  • Enjoying your relationships and not just enduring them.
  • Going from being unaware of simple mistakes parents do that undermine children’s behavior to helping your child develop a healthy self-esteem as well as your own!
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs from your childhood affecting you and your parenting negatively.
  • Going from an emotional rollercoaster pondering over you’re a good enough parent to knowing you are and why.
  • Going from being insecure about how and when to say no to know how to say no clearly and set boundaries in a respectful way.
  • Going from not knowing what to do to know how to identify problem behaviors and handle it mindfully.
  • Going from not being in control, scared and anxious over things to develop your parental leadership.
  • Going from being frustrated, easily irritated and exploding to get control over your patience and reactions.
  • No more laying in bed at night with bad conscious and anxiety over your parenting.
  • Understand conflicts and how to make them constructive instead of destructive.
  • Going from way too many misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts to understand how communication works and how to communicate clearly. 
  • Being able to set goals for yourself getting what you want.
  • A clearer view of your life and what to work on.
  • Being happy, enjoying your everyday life and the people in your life.

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