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To all moms wanting to know HOW to parent gently & respectfully.

Do you need clarity and a helping hand to be the gentle parent you want to be?

Hi! I’m Malin, and it’s really nice to meet you!

I’m the founder of TutomParenting, behavior scientist, and parent coach, and I support moms to find the tools to parent gently and respectfully.

I’m here to help you raise your children without spanking, yelling, and punishing and instead have the knowledge to understand your children’s behavior and help them develop and build cooperation with mutual respect and love!

Parenting is hard, and it can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing.

There is so much information, advice, and blog posts on parenting, but few or none actually cover HOW to actually make it happen and keep at it!

That’s what I do, though, bundling up the tools, mindsets, and knowledge, so moms know how to parent gently. Everything backed up by science.

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