What Is Intentional Parenting?

Intentional parenting means having a plan for your parenting.

It may sound easy and straightforward, but it requires more than it might first appear. Intentional means we’re doing something deliberately with a plan.

Focus on what’s important

Most of us want our children to be kind, helpful, morally courageous, persistent, have manners, and so on. Few, though, are intentional about what to do in order to make it happen. The question of how is crucial to intentional parenting.

How can I make this happen? 

How can I guide my children to learn this? 

I also want you to note that I’m saying I, referring to us as parents. It is we who need to educate, develop, and evaluate ourselves and how we’re doing as parents, not our children. I’ve listed six steps on how to be an intentional parent in this blog post here.

Many parents focus on their children’s behavior with the intent to correct their behavior instead of looking at themselves as parents and what they are contributing to the situation. These parents fail to recognize their own part in their children’s behavior they’re not happy with, and spend much time focusing on the wrong thing.

Make a plan

Being intentional, we know what we’re striving for, and we find ways to do so. By focusing, we become better at prioritizing our time and energy and making decisions supporting that intentional plan.

If I want my children to be aware of nature and take care of it, I’ll intentionally talk about nature, pick up trash, and spend time outdoors.

If I wanted my children to be empathetic and kind, I’d be kind to them and others, help people in need, read books about empathetic people, take a parenting course to learn more, and be open to new ways to model and teach empathy. 

I grew up with an absent dad who worked way too much. As a child, I longed for togetherness, attention, and love. My experience made me become intentional in spending as much time as possible with my family. Therefore, my husband and I are intentional in minimizing any expenditure to be able to work less and thus spend more time together. Because even though we might feel that time stands still at times, looking back, it flies past us, and we have a very limited time to make an impact on our children. 

Making mindful and deliberate choices and working actively to make them a reality is the very essence of intentional parenting. 

If you need clarity and help in your way to be intentional parenting, my first parenting coaching session is always free for all new clients. Book your spot here. 

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