You didn’t fall in love with your baby straight away

That’s what you’re supposed to do, just fall in love from the first sight of your precious little baby, right?

Not for everyone, we’re all different and there are different reasons why all of us don’t feel that overwhelming love at first sight of our new baby.

First of all, childbirth is very different experiences for all of us and set us up for being in different moods. Exhaustion, fear, pain, and discomfort isn’t always the best combination for a love meeting even though it is for some.

Second of all, the feeling that we love someone usually doesn’t come straight away we meet someone. It’s actually something that grows as we spend time and get to know a person. Even if it’s your baby. That doesn’t mean you don’t love or don’t care for the baby.
If you didn’t feel love at first sight, it’s okay and very common. It’s nothing wrong with you and you’re no less mother/father than anyone else!